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Welcome to my corner of the internet – it’s so nice that you are here! I'm Erica, originally from Italy but proudly calling Amsterdam home since 2010.After years in the tech world, I decided to shift gears towards something I'm truly passionate about: pets and their humans!

In 2023, I graduated from SIUA (Scuola Interazione Umani Animali) as a certified Consulente della Relazione Felina® (that's fancy Italian for "Feline Relationship Consultant"). Currently, I'm honing my skills with Arnoud Busscher to become a certified Hondenspecialist (that's Dutch for "Dog Specialist").

Animals hold a special place in my heart, and my goal is to make their lives – and the lives of their human companions – as awesome as possible. I’d be so glad to help you & your furry friends! 🐾


...that capture my commitment

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"A passionate team for pets"

The team is truly goes above and beyond for their furry patients. From the moment I walked in, I could feel the warmth and genuine love they have for animals. I felt reassured and confident in their expertise. My pet received top-notch medical care, and I am grateful for their compassion and dedication.

Tammy Godinez
Dog owner
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"Trusted veterinary care"

My dog received exceptional grooming services, and they took the time to ensure he was comfortable and at ease throughout the process. The groomer was patient, skilled, and delivered fantastic results. I highly recommend their grooming services to anyone looking for a caring and talented groomer.

Amada Jackson
Dog owner
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"Exceptional experiences"

The facility was clean, well-maintained, and had plenty of space for my dog to play and socialize with other dogs. The staff was attentive, caring, and provided regular updates on my dog's activities. It was clear that they treated my dog like family. I wouldn't hesitate to board my dog with them again!

Neida Brown
Dog owner
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